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    Whether it's for Valentine's Day or in celebration of an engagement or wedding, there are times when a party needs to have a theme of romance. Love is one of the strongest human emotions, and celebrations of that emotion should be sensual and fun at the same time. Some romantic touches can make any party into a celebration of love and romance.

    Start the party off right with some romantic invitations. There's nothing that says romance more than a red rose, so use a single rose to send the invitation. Attach a card to each rose, specifying the time, date, location and reason for the party. A local florist will be happy to hand-deliver each rose, giving each invitation a special touch that ordinary paper invitations just can't match.

    There's nothing that's too good for the one you love, and the same should be true of any party with a theme of romance. Use fine china and dishes, white or lace tablecloths and crystal glasses---and don't forget to put roses on the table. A centerpiece of roses can be breathtaking, and rose petals on the table can be even better.

    A single red or white candle at each place setting can add an extra elegant touch; if there are couples invited to the party, matching candles or double candlesticks can be used.

    Set the atmosphere with some soft, subtle background music. Don't choose anything too overpowering; jazz or classical music can provide just the right background for any dinner or party.

    Don't be afraid to experiment with some world music, especially if the guests of honor have some personal tastes in the direction of Celtic, Indian or even soft reggae music.

    Chocolate has strong romantic connotations, and no romantic party can go wrong with a fondue fountain. Offer guests a number of different items to dip in the chocolate, including strawberries and bananas.

    For finger foods and the main course, serve foods that have reputations as aphrodisiacs. This list is an extensive one, and can include almonds, pineapple, raspberries, oysters and honey.

    Wine is also considered an aphrodisiac, and can be selected based on the rest of the menu.

    The sky's the limit when it comes to games to play with guests. Depending on how adventurous the guests are, games can range from challenging partners to correctly answer questions about their significant others to playing Truth or Dare. Games in which couples have to work together are also fun party games.

    Have prizes ready for the winners, or for all the participants. Bottles of wine, boxes of chocolates or more risque gifts such as massage oils or body frosting all make good prizes.

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Pure Romance Party Ideas Wallpapers Ideas Gallery

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