2011 Mitsubishi Outlander Pics | Sport Car Photos | And Review

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2011 Mitsubishi Outlander Pics | Sport Car Photos | And Review

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Toyota Etios Liva Car Price | Photos And Review

    oyota Etios Liva price, Toyota's first small car in india, Liva from Toyota, Toyota Etios small segment car, Japanese gaint Toyota released new car Liva in india, Toyota car in 3 to 6 lacks range. Toyota Etios liva small & beautifull car, Toyota Etios liva wallpapers,Etios Liva hatchback,cheapest car from Toyota. Liva is a cheapest car from Toyota.Toyota Etios Red,blue,white variant.Toyota Etios side view.

    Toyota has announced its new car Toyota Etios Liva. it is available in 5 variants.The milage of the car in an average 18kpl & it is available only in petrol variants. Liva 1.2L MPFI petrol engine capable of delivering a maximum power of 80bhp.

    The prices of Toyota Liva various variants are, Liva J  costs 3.99 lack, Liva G 4.59, Liva G SE 5.00 lacks
    however Liva V,VX will cost 5.49 & 5.99 lacks respectively.

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Toyota Etios Liva Car Price | Photos And Review

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    I feel as if I'm doing this for no reason at all.

    I can't keep on for fucking nothing

    I am greatful but it pisses me off.

    I just feel so bad for wanting more.

    Some people don't even get this much.

    Expect to see me dissapear in the near future, because this wont make a FUCK.

    It just hurts my feelings.

    I mean i'm trying.

    My quotes suck but I'm actaully getting my shit together.

    Expect to see themes!

    i now have nifty schedule!

    I still love yall.

    ^that would match my heels, just saying.

    I'm working hard for yuhs.

    I need yall more than you need me.

    I will never send out messages or shit like that.

    Just a comment here and there make me feel so much better.

    Views are awesome but just not when you never get feed back.

    What good are views if you hate my blog.

    Pwetty please start commenting its hard to think of shit, organize, and take hours fixing it for nothing but views.

    I am sorry for the suckish ones lately.

    I am more organized now.

    I have  all the time in the world.

    I posted pics so my rant wouldn't seem as lame.

    By now you have figured it out.

    I now have internet at home. I have a handy dandy schedule for making blogs. I will be posting one EVERY NIGHT for the next two weeks. I hate to say this but if I dont get atleast five comments in two weeks, I will no longer be doing this. Its hard to take time and do something for no rec's no comments, I can't tell if yall like it or just stumbled on it by accident. I don't want praise i just want interaction. I wanna talk about something in the blog, I wanna know if you like it, I wanna know if you hate it. I love yall guys. Be looking forward to blogs from me every night including tommorrow morning around four a.m. when I unveil my current masterpiece. Its all about cute couples and romancy shit. I have the rest of this week planned already. I am organized. I now have awesome quotes instead of lame ones. I hope you like whats to come.
    NIKKI. ;)

    Monday, 20 June 2011

    So there's this guy... Pics and quotes

    Don't be careless, just Careless.

    Girls that want to find a sensitive guy that doesnt mind going shopping,
    you cant have him, he has a boyfriend.

    ^Can't even comment, im so torn up about Ryans death.

    I'm right here. She doesnt need or love you. And i'm still... Right here.

    Give me one chance, I swear I wont let you down.

    Don't be with someone if your heart stops every time the phone rings,
    because you think they're going to dump you.

    I'm not saying I want to marry him, I just want to be givin a fucking chance.

    You give every fifteen year old whore a chance but me?
    yeah, I'm pushing eighteen and still freakin waiting.

    there will come a point when I wont remember why I loved you in the first place,
    and when that day comes. YOU.WILL.BE.SO.SORRY.

    How am I suppose to keep trying,
    When you dont even care when i'm crying?

    I'm going to find a boy that cant stand when I cry,
    and then I'm never going to let him go.

    Try harder.

    I'm not at my end, not even close.
    You haven't even began to see the fight from me.

    Everyone acts as if I'm the plague lately.

    Finding yourself is harder than it looks.

    Lul, I'm insecure and its not easy hiding that shit.

    I'm done waiting for 11:11

    If he isnt greatful, leave him.

    The lessons that are easily learned are often learned over and over again.

    Don't feel sorry for me.

    I don't feel fucking lovely.

    If I ignored you as much as you ignored me, well nothing would really happen
    because you don't really care.

    I'm not waiting to become anything, I'm a work in progress,
    If you don't like what you see, then your never going to like me.

    I am a little crazy when it comes to him.

    Last but not least.

    Okay so you probably all know Ryan Dunn died this morning. Yes he was from jackass but I know him from viva la bam and his show homewrecker. I loved this dude, its not like a little celebrity crush thing, I didn't think he was hot. I just thought he was really really funny. When I heard about this I thought it was a jackass joke. Turns out it probably most likely is not. Its just kinda hard to deal with the fact that he is dead. Its like no one thinks that our generations jokester, singers, actors, leading people will die. I'm not going to sit here and say he was like a brother, because I never met the guy but its hard for me to accept this because I've watched him since I was like nine. I watched Viva La Bam when I had 0 friends. Thats how I spent my time. I saw his last tweet. Thats so hard to believe that we could only watch it happen. If someone would have said stop, would he? no. Lots of people are devestated over this and as mad as I would be. I hope that its all a big joke. Even though its not looking like it.
    My life lately has been kinda fucked up. My big trip to Dallas TX for warped tour is this friday and I officailly have 307 dollars. Proud of myself for that by the way. I have my tickets i have gas money I have spending money. I've been looking up cheap gas prices from here to their and let me tell you this 4 bucks a gallon or dang near, is freaking raping me. My truck gets good gas milleage but if you think about it 30 bucks isn't even 10 gallons. That was the good part of my week, finding out were i stand with my trip. But. My gramma had a stroke last week on thursday morning and she is now in St. anthonies hospital with a paralyzed arm. I bawled. I am not ready for anything to happen to my grandma and I never will be ready. I am trying so hard to believe that she will gain full access to that arm back and then this will finnaly be it. After 2 spells with cancer, countless surgerys, and a stroke, this will be it she will be immortal. She will be able to attend my gradaution, my wedding, my kids, my first home, my everything. Even though I know that probably wont happen, its still how I picture it in my head. Also. My brothers boyfriend cheated on him like with over 5 guys and Craig packed his shit and came home... for a day. Now he's back up there with him, how do I nicely tell my brother to stop being a slut?... He seems to only hang out with guys who have money and people who have things already settled for themsellves. like he doesnt understand you have to EARN that stuff. My kinda sorta boyfriend Tyler didnt check up on me or come over, or text, or anything to see how I was doing the day after my grammas stroke. I got PISSED. He said i had no reason. I told him we were threw. he has been kissing ass ever since. I dont know where me and him stand half the time with all these damn fights.
    I got a puppy, his name is Gizmo,


    He's super cute and loves walks and hates french fries, he has helped me lose five pounds since getting him last tuesday.
    Leave me some feedback guys, what do you want my next blog to be about? Love, friends, heartbreak, fun, summer, parties? you name it. please I need something besides alot of views, it makes me feel like you don't like my blogs at all :(

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