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    • Wats The World’s Most Popular Word That Begins With An ‘F’ And Ends With A ‘K’ . . . . . . . . . . . . FACEBOOK :P The Word U Thought Is Da 2nd Most Popular!
    • “FACEBOOK Ki Yadain..” Woh Apne Status Ko Khud Hi LIKE Krna, Woh Apni D.P Ko Khud Hi NICE Kehna, Woh Apne LINK KO Khud Hi AWESOME Kehna, Woh Raat Bhar CHAT Pe Baatain, Woh Lover Of The Day Mai Jan Booj K Selection Karna… Ab Na Wo Din Rahay…
    • Kashish Is Very Happy That Facebook Has Been Blocked =D , , , , , , , I Dint Know Where To Put This Status So I Msg U…!! :D Lol…
    • An Ordinary Person Wil Be Wid Books. But An Extraordinary Person Wil Be In That Book. Be Extraordinary Person Lyk Me! I’m On Facebook…
    • Beeti Hui Zindagi Ki Kuch Itni Si Kahani Hai…. Kuch Khud Barbaad Hue.. Kuch Facebook Ki Meharbani Hai…….

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Posts Tagged ‘Facebook Status SMS,Facebook Status Messages

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