How to impress your boss,Six Ways to Impress Your Boss

    Let your word be your bond
    It’s common for high achievers to struggle with a tendency to over commit. Their desire to accomplish great things can cloud their ability to set reasonable limits. Unfortunately, good intentions can backfire. Many superstars’ reputations have burned out like meteors because they started dropping important balls.
    Employees who consistently deliver on their promises impress bosses. Reminding employees of unfulfilled commitments causes resentment from bosses–not respect. One manager described his most impressive employee with the following statement, “When I give her an assignment, I immediately mark it off on my list as done!” Could your boss make a similar remark about you?
    Protect them from surprises
    “Everyone loves surprises”–except bosses! Sometimes employees hesitate to share bad news with their boss, fearing it will be a poor reflection on them. In reality, if they hear it from another source, you can pretty much be guaranteed of a bad reaction. If this happens, your boss will conclude one of two things: 1) you try to hide things–and cannot be trusted, or 2) you lack the good judgment of knowing what to bring to his or her attention.
    Your boss will be impressed if you are honest and upfront with even bad news. Don’t forget to advise him or her of your plans to rectify the problem also.
    Never assume
    When given an assignment, don’t make assumptions. For instance, if asked to prepare a report, “when you get a chance,” it would be wise to request a specific target date. If you are unclear on what your boss expects from you–find out! Knowing the right questions to ask–and when to ask them–is a sign of a true professional. And it can save you from many unnecessary communication breakdowns.
    Bosses appreciate employees with enough concern (and common sense) to get the facts so that expectations are met. It shows you have good foresight and planning skills–two impressive qualities.
    Clean up your messes
    Excuse makers are a dime a dozen, and they rarely move ahead. Admitting weaknesses takes courage and self-awareness–two admirable qualities. If you don’t know, say so. If you make a mistake, admit it. Then, take the important step of cleaning it up! Employees who refuse to accept accountability are very frustrating to bosses. People generally won’t kick you when you are down. We all make mistakes, and it’s refreshing to hear someone own up to theirs. If you stubbornly deny responsibility for your mistakes, however, you can count on a rude awakening–and a displeased boss.
    Look the part
    Professional dress is a sensitive topic. Nobody likes to think they dress inappropriately, but in reality this shortcoming certainly does holds people back.
    “Dress like the position you wish to attain” is a good rule of thumb. Sure, it seems superficial. You may protest that people should not “judge a book by its cover.” In principle, you may be right. But human nature and principal do not always match. If you lack the judgment to dress professionally, don’t be surprised when people assume you have deficiencies in other areas also.
    To impress the boss, dress like one yourself!
    Take a risk!
    Those satisfied with the status quo always outnumber bold risk takers. Why? Much of the difference has to do with motivation. Ask anyone in a responsible position whether their success was achieved by being cautious and timid. It’s highly unlikely! Chances are they became visible and respected because they displayed courage and enthusiasm.
    Think of it this way . . .bosses are ambitious people who recognize and admire that same quality in others. Ambition requires ample confidence to stick your neck out occasionally and take a risk. For example, you can volunteer for a challenging project, or recommend workflows that are more efficient than the “way we’ve always done it around here.”
    Bosses cherish talented employees who demonstrate their desire for excellence in a variety of ways. . .and on a regular basis. Putting these six tactics into practice is certain to leave you with an impressed–and happy—boss.

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How to impress your boss,Six Ways to Impress Your Boss

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