Sony PSN Network up And working May 27.2011

    This network seems like it is never coming back on. I think this Sony PSN hack was masterminded by antidepression pharmaceutical industry.

    The playstation network has been down for 19 months (feels like factor) and still hasn't told us die hard playstation users when to expect them to fix the raggedy bastid.

    They should change their tagline to: Sony Playstation does everything...but frikken log on to its own network.

    I mean come on Sony, we shelled out hard earned money to talk bad about people of other ethnicitys anonymously while we shoot them in the face online, I want my Black Ops back on. Some of us even have xbox 360's just sitting on the floor next to the playstation 3, I still haven't gotten around to playing anything on it since the hacked PSN network went down. Sony you do know you got PWN's right? Because you are acting like you didn't. Routine maintenance my eye.

    Since the network went down all Sony has told us is ....Nothing Useful.

    When you try to log in it just says ....nothing useful.

    ...But let the new $100 map pack come out and see how much info we get bombarded with.

    We deserve better treatment sony. I am sorry that your coast is glowing in the dark right now but that should make it easier for you to work day and night to get me back to calling people gay while I shoot them online in black ops. I mean its day all around the clock in Japan right now, so what's the hold up?

    This outage has to be a conspiracy orchestrated by the pharmaceutical companies to sell more PROZAC because quite frankly I am about to go crazy and get to throwing wet balled up paper towels at my household pets. I may even blow a fuse listening to my daughter play dance dance revolution on my Xbox 360. Do you know how that makes me feel Sony? The weed man in my "hood" now sells anti-depression pills along with the weed and he says its his biggest seller this week.

    Sony you have exactly one more day to fix the network or I swear by all that is holy that I will go downstairs to my Playstation 3 console pick it up and try again to log in. I am really starting to get pissed. This is starting to get ugly, like the head man in charge of sony. I see now that all those Samarai movies were full of crap because somebody over at sony should be eating their short sword over this. What happened to honor and all that Tom Cruisery? O reap Tai Pan - how are all of sony's executives still above ground?.... wait... I think the network is working... that's just netflix crapping all over sony. $300 netflix router is all my ps3 is right now.

    PSN News Update: Suicides rate has tripled in last 5 days. Domestic violence on the rise.

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Sony PSN Network up And working May 27.2011

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